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ACS-0132 Lifebelt Pincushion .

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Product: Accessory

Technique: Sewing

Height, cm: 16

Width, cm: 16

The kit includes: detailed instruction with pictures, felt, fabric 100% cotton, sewing pattern, beads pearl imitation, sewing threads "Gamma", sewing needle "Gamma", linen, embellishment, pendant.

Sewing pattern: grayscale on paper

Country of origin: Russia

: -25

Article: ACS-0132 Lifebelt Pincushion

Brand: PEPPY

Leonardo Promotional event : 09 (September)

Manufacturer : LTD PANNA

Package type : Euroslot hanging bag

Product name: Lifebelt Pincushion

Instructions: Instructions in English included. Other languages by request

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